Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name. Matthew 6:9b
Dear One,
Hallowed means kept holy, honored as holy, set apart or sanctified. The idea is that God, even the name of God, is set apart, separate from connection to sin and evil. He is absolutely Holy and True.
How, then, could we ever expect to approach this One who, by His very nature of holiness, is separated from sinful people like you and me?
Herein lies the beauty of God and the wonder of His love and goodness.
Creating mankind for companionship and community, God included in our soul the ability to choose life with God or choose to go it alone and live a self-oriented life. The first humans chose the later and passed along the fruit of that choice, namely death and the consequences of their original sin.
But God wasn’t deterred by our weakness, He devised a plan to redeem us from our wrong choices and restore the original relationship He had designed. His plan was realized through our Lord Jesus Christ and our subsequent adoption as sons and daughters of God through His grace.
We still make bad choices once in a while, probably more than we know, but God’s love for His creation is so profound, so relentless, that even in His pure and utter holiness, forgiveness and restoration are extended to every person who turns to Him in faith, through the tender mercies overwhelming power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Father in heaven, hallowed is Your name.

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